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The Purpose of Wealth

Your wealth has a purpose in each stage of your life and can continue to fill a purpose for generations to come. Understanding and defining that purpose is the foundation for developing a financial plan and maintaining wealth.

Each client acquires and views their wealth differently. Though there are common principals and objectives across our entire client base, each has their own purpose of wealth. The timeline horizon for a financial objective is the greatest influence on asset management and the resources dedicated to it. Drawing on an understanding of your objectives, we collaborate with you and your other service providers, to deliver personalized solutions designed to meet your requirements.


Immediate Term WealthFinancial goals and events scheduled in the next few years. Assets should be accumulated, liquid, and positioned for execution. Tax strategies are implemented for current and upcoming years. Cash flow should be examined for missing funds that could impact future planning. Identify consumption, spending, or investing of financial resources. Debt obligations are minimal. Potential reduction or elimination of certain aspects of insurance/safety-net policies as goals are met. Identify any immediate concerns and recent economic shifts that could stagnate plans for the next 5 years. Assess your current standard of living: above, below, or at your income and planning level? Define successful planning for the next 3 years.


Short Term WealthObjectives and purchases that are in final stages of planning and funding. Assets should be filtered to vehicles gradually to increase liquidity. Legal and tax planning should be updated as necessary. Outstanding debt is being closed. Address economic, family, business, personal, or health issues that are likely to develop in the next 10 years. Establish benchmarks to reach over the next 5 years.


Intermediate Term WealthAssets are still growing and accumulating. Legal and tax planning are based on current regulations. Business ownership transitions typically begin in this time frame. Project planning needs based on family and business needs for the next 20 years. Determine accomplishments to achieve in 10 years.


Long Term WealthAccounts are focused on growth with protection programs implemented should funding sources be interrupted. Major life changes are anticipated in this time frame: marriage, education, business acquisitions, and career changes. Leveraging strategies should be implemented at this stage. Set objectives to attain in 20 years.


Generational Term WealthPlanning to last more than one lifetime or generation. Long-term legal plans and investment accounts are established. Working with legal and tax professionals of several partners or family members should be part of this planning including monitoring of regulatory shifts that could render planning ineffective. An examination of leverage opportunities should be explored. Funds for personal health care are specifically earmarked. Develop a standard of living, contentment, and happiness that can be maintained for life.

The Purpose of Wealth Timeline

Life Stage Immediate Intermediate Long Term


Establish career, start retirement accounts, begin insurance programs. Start a family, become partner at firm, diversify portfolio. Upgrade housing, launch own company, fund college accounts.


Enjoy regular international travel, establish philanthropic endeavors. Look to franchise/expand your business, shift portfolio to include, more income producing holdings. Determine retirement timeline, evaluate skills for possible 2nd career or other business.


Determine need to work vs. want to work, oversee 'big picture' operations, visit family and friends. Transition from Entrepreneur to Investor, evaluate health care planning. Enjoy benefits of years of discipline, planning, and investing.

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